This collection of  pieces is about everything else in the world that interests me. A main focus of my interests is kinesiology, my major field of study. Most of the connections I have made between kinesiology and the world-at-large have been through written assignments and only deepened my enthusiasm for the field. I think that you gain a special understanding of people, issues, and the world when you explore them through the lens of writing. Having a writer’s eye for the small things, the things that really make a piece, afford an unparalleled level of expertise. More times than I can count, I have begun to narrate different situations in my head as I experience them,  jotting down mental notes for later writing, or going through a scene as if I were a character in a book. It may be weird, but it works for me. We are all lifelong learners whether we know it or not.

Here are some pieces that have inspired me:

“Dr. Daedalus” by Lauren Slater

“When Doctors Make Mistakes” by Atul Gawande