Writing in New Media

Blogging, tweeting, surfing the web, updates, uploads, downloads, tagging, Facebook, Google, Flickr, Pinterest, RSS feeds, apps. Technology is everywhere and literally innervates nearly every facet of my life. Yes, I carry a cell phone, own a laptop, update my Facebook, have made a website, Prezi, screencast, and a blog. I have never particularly ridden the technology wave, more of just stood at the bottom of the tidal wave and let it wash over me as I get carried along with it.

I took an entire class dedicated to the intersection between writing and new media. Honestly, I had never really given the topic much thought before, but there is actually quite a lot to be discussed. Below you will find my own take on the interesting function of writing in a technological world as well as the blog for the class that I wrote this piece for.

New Media Writing